‘Training 1M developers within 18 months’ goal boosted with Nigerian Blockchain Developer Summit

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12 Jul 2022

The BSV Blockchain Association in collaboration with Domineum Blockchain Solutions Ltd will host the Blockchain Developer Summit in Abuja, Nigeria. With an expected amount of more than 1,000 attendees, it is the largest developer summit of its kind. The event will take place on the 21st and 22nd of July, and aims to stimulate blockchain adoption in Nigeria.

Nigeria – a key region for innovation and economic developments in Africa

Nigeria is a key region and the economic engine for Western Africa. To drive adoption and innovation in Nigeria is, therefore, an important item on the BSV Blockchain Association’s agenda. The government sees the training of developers as key to preparing the country for the upcoming digital transformation.

In the country’s strategy, Nigeria is not only making up for infrastructural disadvantages, but taking the opportunity to achieve success and innovation beyond Africa. With this aim in mind, the government has recently set the goal to train 1,000,000 developers within an 18-month time frame.

Displaying new opportunities and business solutions for Africa

The Blockchain Developer Summit will act as a beacon for the growing developer community in Nigeria and will display the unbounded scalability and utility of the BSV blockchain. It will bring together key industries involved in the development of emerging technologies along with representatives of academia, the industry and government from Nigeria. 

The summit will showcase to developers and entrepreneurs what kind of issues in economy, infrastructure and society can be tackled by providing innovative business solutions based on the BSV blockchain.

High level insights from Nigerian and international business leaders

Over the two days, summit visitors can expect top-level talks, keynotes from expert leaders, presentations and panel discussions that provide attendees with inspiring insights to technological innovation and business use-cases. During the event, 24 speakers will showcase the cutting-edge technology of the BSV blockchain by giving testimonies on how they realised its potential across various industries.

The summit will focus on the massive scaling of the African Blockchain ecosystem with its opportunities and use cases in Africa, the second most populated continent in the world with about 1.3 billion people.

All in all, the event provides an avenue for big announcements, new product launches, core tech updates, keynote speeches, panel discussions, pitching sessions and fireside chats from global industry leaders with more than 1,000 participants in attendance.

How to participate

The event will take place at the Multipurpose hall (MPH) of the Baze University in Abuja. For those who are interested in attending, you register to participate: training.domineum.io.

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