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BSV Blockchain Case Studies

Enterprise Case Studies

Explore our enterprise use cases to see real-world examples.


IoT on the BSV blockchain

These use cases showcase some of BSV blockchain solutions that could become the foundations for solving many of the IoT issues that plague industry, society and the environment.

How mintBlue Brings the Power of BSV to Business

mintBlue, an exciting new BSV-based start-up offering businesses out of the box blockchain infrastructure, has officially launched as the latest enterprise-focused venture offering companies an accessible way to build powerful and scalable applications on the BSV blockchain.

Blockchain for Better Health Care

Instead of having multiple digital ledgers spread across the industry, the key to better healthcare requires a single global blockchain that massively scales, capable of efficiently handling huge volumes of diverse data to act as the single source of information.

eSports on Blockchain

Blockchain and esports are a natural combination, with many solutions targeted at addressing issues in the space related to fairness and digital ownership, and others offering new ways to generate revenue. BSV is the ideal blockchain with the scalability and the required fee efficiency to support the high transaction volume and data capacity needed to enable blockchain-based eSports services.

Business Applications

Fundstrat Global Advisors, the market research firm co-founded by leading Wall Street strategist Thomas Lee, analyses the BSV ecosystem’s ‘laser focus’ on building enterprise-tier data processing and business use cases. The report presents profiles for 11 companies in the space and recognises BSV’s ‘unique vision’ to create a better internet where data and value interact seamlessly with micropayments.

BSV for eSports

Video games have quickly become a massive market for mainstream entertainment, with competitive gaming – more frequently referred to as eSports – garnering widespread attention and driving growth across the industry.

BSV for payments

When people think of blockchain, the first thing that usually springs to mind is money – after all, if the headlines are to be believed, the primary benefit of blockchain and cryptocurrency is the emergence of a global market for speculative investment.

BSV for social media

Social media plays an integral role in the lives of modern Internet users, whether it is catching up with friends, networking with like-minded professionals or simply entertainment.

BSV for iGaming

iGaming is a massive and fast-growing industry with global reach, that is being constantly accelerated by the proliferation of smartphones and mobile Internet access.

Building out the Metaverse on the BSV blockchain

Transmira Inc is developing OMNISCAPE™, the first XR Metaverse platform that seamlessly blends Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), linking experiences and 3D spaces to real-world locations.

Certihash is the perfect match between blockchain and cybersecurity

Blockchain technology is revolutionising the way we secure and protect sensitive data online. It has become a popular solution for many cybersecurity concerns, particularly for those that involve issues with data privacy, transparency, and decentralisation.

How STUK and BSV will change the way you shop online forever

E-commerce platform is an excellent example of how blockchain technology can significantly amplify existing business models and ideas - especially when it comes to customer loyalty and retention.

Bridging the gap between blockchain and IoT with Rekord

Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two technologies that are rapidly growing in popularity and are expected to revolutionise the way we live, work and interact with the world around us in the coming years. Rekord’s goal is to build bridges between devices, machines and anything with IoT connectivity and the BSV blockchain.

How TicketMint is using blockchain to create fraud-free ticketing

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise the event ticketing industry by providing a more secure, transparent, and efficient way to manage ticket sales and distribution. Traditionally, event ticketing has been plagued by issues such as ticket fraud, counterfeiting, and scalping.

How UNISOT is turning the supply chain world on its head

UNISOT is a Web3 supply-chain traceability platform which uses the BSV blockchain to help global supply chains for everything from food to clothes, electronics and cars, says Stephan Nilsson, Founder and CEO of UNISOT.

How blockchain can revolutionise the construction industry

The construction industry can benefit from blockchain technology by providing transparency, accountability and a secure record of all transactions related to a project.

DXS offers BSV-backed stablecoins and so much more

CFD trading platform DXS allows trading of stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, and stock indices on margin using Bitcoin. Notably, DXS has introduced BSV-backed stablecoins called liquidity-backed stablecoins (LBS) on the BSV network.

Codugh offers CUSD to make micropayments even easier

While there are many benefits to working with blockchain, the fact that it is still a relatively nascent technology means tokens and token prices can be subject to volatility and general market forces. Codugh’s stablecoin addresses the challenges.

Shaking up the world of digital payments with Minta

Minta goes beyond the transactional nature of traditional buying and selling platforms, unlocking new opportunities for value creation. The idea is that every time that that ticket or that token gets resold if you allow that feature, a certain percentage goes back in the form of a royalty or Satoshis to the original artist.

Jamify: Revolutionising the Music Industry with Blockchain-Powered NFTs

Jamify tackles current pain points of music streaming today. The solution lies in a blockchain based streaming platform, in which music data is tokenised.

Soundoshi reforms the music industry with NFTs

Soundoshi tackles the pain points of music streaming by leveraging seamless and easy to use NFTs.

Minta: innovating social marketplaces with blockchain technology

Minta is a new social marketplace that leverages blockchain and NFTs to tackle important pain points of the industry.

Revolutionising content monetisation with LaMint

LaMint paves a new way for content monetisation for content creators by using micropayments to monetise interactions on social media.

Smart contracts and record-keeping for enterprises with Tokenized

Businesses around the world are facing increased scrutiny around their record-keeping practices with potential fines rising into millions of dollars and even potential jail time. This is especially true in the private market sector which has traditionally not faced as much regulatory pressure.

Tracking food from farm to table with Gate2Chain and Trace

Knowing the origin of food allows us to monitor and regulate its safety. By tracking the source, we can identify potential risks such as contamination, pesticide use, or improper handling and take appropriate measures to mitigate them.

BAIOT Project: Showcasing how Blockchain can help tackle environmental challenges

The BAIOT project showcases how blockchain technology, IoT devices, and tokens are utilized to tackle environmental challenges in a smart city approach in the Polish city of Minsk Mazowiecki.

Changing the game with Haste

Something has also been lost in the transition to online gaming - a sense of community and true competition. Enter Haste Arcade.

Using blockchain and IoT to save millions of dollars in the wine industry

Smart Grow Agritech is using a combination of blockchain and IoT devices to help vineyards and wine farmers track important data and potentially save millions of dollars.

Government Case Studies

Governments around the world are leveraging the power of the BSV Blockchain


Blockchain-based Academic Certification & Accreditation

BSV Blockchain Association signs an R&D agreement with University of Sharjah to develop blockchain-based academic certification and accreditation platform

BSV Blockchain Application to Track COVID-19 Vaccinations for the Nation of Lesotho

VXPASS, the COVID-19 vaccine tracker built on the BSV blockchain, has given an update on the rollout of its digital vaccine monitoring programme in the African nation of Lesotho. In working towards the rollout of this programme, VXPASS has received support from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the State Department of the United States and the World Bank.

Tuvalu's National Digital Ledger

The inhabitants of Tuvalu, a small island nation in the South Pacific, could become the world’s first blockchain citizens, whose identity, citizenship and financial data are secured on a public blockchain. In December 2020, the Tuvaluan government announced that it would embark on a massive digital migration project which would see it integrate its governance and financial systems with the BSV public ledger and become the world’s first paperless society.

Blockchain for Government Initiative

The BSV Blockchain for Government Initiative works with government bodies, NGOs and public sector agencies to offer education on blockchain technology.

UAE's Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation

UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has partnered with the BSV ecosystem to be its knowledge partner to educate hundreds of the Ministry’s employees and executive office about the transformational power of blockchain technology.

BSV's Historic Official Visit to Sudan

In April 2021, the BSV Blockchain for Government Initiative completed a historic week-long official visit to Khartoum, Republic of the Sudan, at the invitation of and under the patronage of the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Transformation. The visit centred around Sudan’s first-ever Blockchain Summit & Workshop, a two-day event held April 8-9, 2021, and led by the BSV ecosystem. The conference and surrounding meetings explored how blockchain technology can advance digital transformation as the country rebuilds and re-emerges after 30 years of isolation from much of the world.


BSV Testimonials from the Ecosystem

What the experts say about the BSV blockchain.


Stephan Nilsson

Founder & CEO


After hearing more about BSV's commitment to massive scaling

BSV is the most secure, scalable and cost efficient blockchain available. After hearing more about BSV's commitment to massive scaling, a stable protocol and a public (not private) blockchain, I believe only BSV can be the world's data ledger. When we merge the world's largest ERP system – SAP – with the Universal Source of Truth – the BSV blockchain – the result will be exponentially larger than the sum of its parts.



Co-Founder & CEO

BitBoss Corporation

BSV not only scales to the level we need for commercial deployments, it does so at a fixed cost

BSV not only scales to the level we need for commercial deployments, it does so at a fixed cost. BSV now gives us a significant advantage over client server architecture.





BSV is a paradigm shift in financial transactions, moving the transaction information

BSV is a paradigm shift in financial transactions, moving the transaction information into the public domain. This model allows regulators to have full visibility of all transactions, while giving certainty to the recipient that the transaction is irrevocable.



Tuvalu Minister for Justice,

Communication & Foreign Affairs

Tuvalu is already a leading Pacific nation in terms of outreach and action on climate change

Tuvalu is already a leading Pacific nation in terms of outreach and action on climate change , but we hope to become a leader in other areas as well, especially ICT. Through our partnership with [BSV companies] nChain, Elas and Faiā, we are optimistic that blockchain technology will provide a key platform for unlocking new opportunities and securing a greater future for Tuvalu.




FYX Gaming

We were investigating other blockchain platforms until we learned about BSV

We were investigating other blockchain platforms until we learned about BSV and saw it delivers what we need for online games to leverage blockchain's true capabilities. BSV has the massive scaling plan to handle large data files for recording the massive amounts of data we plan to utilise, has great developer tools created by its community and provides an audit trail.

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