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BSV Pillars

Four Pillars of BSV Blockchain

The original Bitcoin, as launched in 2009, is committed to unbounded scaling, nanopayments, and full compliance with all existing laws.



Enabling businesses to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to build on a stable protocol.



A horizontal scaling approach and an uncapped blocksize allow for unbounded transaction processing.



Proof-of-work backed distributed timestamping creates unsurpassed security.


Safe Instant Transactions

Unlocking the brick-and-mortar merchant market and enabling new business models with micropayments and nanoservices.

Blockchain Regulation

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance for
Blockchain Platforms

Discover how all tokens on blockchain platforms, including property, security, and criminal matters, are already governed by existing laws, eliminating the need for separate regulation.

Unified Compliance Approach

Explore our unified approach to regulatory compliance, recognizing that existing laws apply to all tokens on blockchain platforms. At BSV, we prioritize adherence to the comprehensive legal framework.

Streamlined Legal Compliance

Learn how BSV integrates legal compliance seamlessly into its blockchain ecosystem. We ensure that all transactions and interactions on our platform adhere to existing property, security, and criminal laws.

Transparent Regulatory Measures

Discover the transparency in our regulatory measures. We provide clear visibility into how we enforce compliance and uphold existing regulations to create a secure and trusted environment for our users.

The Future of Regulatory Compliance

As a leader in blockchain regulation, we strive to shape the future of compliance by actively participating in industry discussions, collaborating with regulatory bodies, and advocating for a unified regulatory approach that maximizes legal clarity and fosters innovation.

Industry Leading


In 2022 BSV set a record with 13.4 million transactions in 24 hours. But we didn’t stop there. We surpassed that milestone in 2023, achieving over 125 million transactions in a single day. This showcases the remarkable scalability and real-world usability of the BSV blockchain.


BSV Blockchain


Transactions per Second

1.3 Billion

Total Transactions

$ 0.00015

Transaction Fee


Transaction per second

813 Million

Total transactions

US$ 0.89

Fee per transaction

The Complete Picture

BSV is an open protocol that unlocks a world of possibilities for businesses and organisations. Build innovative and exciting applications with its versatile technology.

Micro & Nano Transactions

Instantly send tiny fractions of money anywhere in the world, creating new micro/nano payment business models.

Data Integrity

As a public ledger, BSV enables anyone to verify and certify data, and actions performed upon it.


The ability to deliver end-to-end networking using IPv6 address space is crucial to unlocking the efficiencies and capabilities of an unbounded blockchain protocol like BSV.

On-Chain Data Storage

Utilise the blockchain to store various forms of data at a cost that is significantly lower than traditional storage solutions.

Tamper Proof

The BSV blockchain is designed to be tamper-proof, allowing for secure and verifiable transactions and record-keeping.

Smart Contracts

Unlimited blocksize allows for scalability and the ability to handle a higher volume of smart contract transactions.

On-Chain NFTS

NFTs can be stored directly on chain, providing a transparent and immutable record of ownership and authenticity for digital assets.

Secure Voting

By providing a tamper-proof and verifiable record of each vote, we can ensure the integrity and accuracy of election results.

Regulation friendly

BSV is designed to work within the legal system and is fully compliant with all current rules & regulations.

Latest News

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The latest updates of the BSV ecosystem.


Ryan Brothwell

29 Nov 2023

HandCash: Transitioning from a wallet to a gaming marketplace

HandCash has been closely monitoring the NFT trend for years and has witnessed its positive influence on user experience, says Alex Agut (CEO and Founder of HandCash).


Michael Sprick

28 Nov 2023

Blockchain Barometer: Highlighting BSV Blockchain’s educational efforts

The Blockchain Barometer highlights a need for education on blockchain. This article sheds light on the educational efforts of the BSV Blockchain. From the BSV Academy’s comprehensive online courses to the physical hubs and citadels fostering collaboration, learn how the BSV Blockchain is committed to dispelling misinformation and building a knowledgeable global community.


Ryan Brothwell

28 Nov 2023

Bitcoin Builders – Greg Ward on Certihash and Sentinel Node

In the latest episode of Bitcoin Builders, BSV Blockchain’s Head of Community Brett Banfe had the opportunity to sit down with Greg Ward – Chief Development Officer at SmartLedger.


Ryan Brothwell

28 Nov 2023

The trust economy and blockchain – Building and growing customer loyalty

The relationship between the trust economy and blockchain technology has emerged as a powerful catalyst for building and growing customer loyalty. As traditional business models evolve, consumers are placing an increasing premium on trust, transparency, and security.

— BSV Blockchain Association: Leading BSV Initiatives

Driving BSV Blockchain Adoption in Enterprise and Government Sectors

BSV Blockchain Association, a Switzerland-based global non-profit industry organisation, spearheads the BSV blockchain for Enterprise and blockchain for Government initiatives. We advocate and support the adoption of BSV blockchain technology worldwide.

BSV is the most scalable blockchain and also the one with the cheapest transaction fees of any public proof-of-work blockchain.
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