One Blockchain for Everyone

Reliable open source software, providing the fundamental requirements for enterprise grade blockchain applications.

1.95 Billion

Total transactions

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$ 0.000015

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BSV Pillars

Four Pillars of BSV Blockchain

We carefully designed and implemented the protocol around the pillars of the BSV blockchain to enable enterprise adoption.


Enabling businesses to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to build on a stable protocol.


A horizontal scaling approach and an uncapped blocksize allow for unbounded transaction processing.


Proof-of-work backed distributed timestamping creates unsurpassed security.

Safe Instant Transactions

Unlocking the brick-and-mortar merchant market and enabling new business models with micropayments and nanoservices.

Industry Leading


With the BSV blockchain, businesses can benefit from the best of both worlds - fast and efficient transactions without sacrificing stability and security.

BSV Blockchain


Transactions per Second

1.3 Billion

Total Transactions

$ 0.00015

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Transaction per second

813 Million

Total transactions

US$ 0.89

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The Complete Picture

BSV is an open protocol that unlocks a world of possibilities for businesses and organisations. Build innovative and exciting applications with its versatile technology.

Micro & Nano Transactions

Instantly send tiny fractions of money anywhere in the world, creating new micro/nano payment business models.

Data Integrity

As a public ledger, BSV enables anyone to verify and certify data, and actions performed upon it.

Unlockable Content

Create content or communications that can only be accessed by those you wish or pay.

On-Chain Data Storage

Utilise the blockchain to store various forms of data at a cost that is significantly lower than traditional storage solutions.

Tamper Proof

The BSV blockchain is designed to be tamper-proof, allowing for secure and verifiable transactions and record-keeping.

Smart Contracts

Unlimited blocksize allows for scalability and the ability to handle a higher volume of smart contract transactions.