Re-imagine data integrity with a blockchain empowered national infrastructure with SmartLedger and BSV Blockchain

Written by

Ryan Brothwell

Published On

17 Nov 2022

Want to know how high-level government officials, technology decision-makers, innovators and policymakers see the role of emerging technologies such as blockchain? How will these fit into new and existing data and security paradigms?

Get the inside scoop by attending the upcoming symposium, ‘Re-imagine data integrity with a blockchain empowered national infrastructure’ in Washington, DC hosted by SmartLedger and sponsored by BSV Blockchain Association.

You can register for the December 9th educational blockchain luncheon and networking event in Washington DC here.

Other topics which will be discussed include data integrity, Internet of Things, IPv6 and cybersecurity. The event will also focus on how the BSV blockchain can be leveraged to help enterprises and governments in these areas.

The event is open to approximately 80 guest spaces and will focus on members from the US Justice and Intelligence communities, including:

  • Members of the US Congress;
  • Members of the US Senate;
  • Members of the intelligence community;
  • Members of the Department of Justice;
  • Members of various oversight committees;
  • Members of government CISO communities.

The event is scheduled to take place at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center on 9 December 2022. You can find out more about entry to the event, the list of speakers and additional details at the official website here.

Learn more about the BSV blockchain

The event is a great opportunity to learn more about the BSV blockchain and how it can assist governments and enterprises in their data and security needs.

The BSV blockchain offers an honest, open, and stable architecture, providing the foundation for connected systems that can help to make better, real-time decisions, increase the efficiency of energy usage, and improve the overall quality of life.

With its massive scalability and public nature, BSV is the ideal blockchain for government applications to benefit citizens – through more efficient delivery of e-government , eliminating government agency data silos, increasing transparency, enabling greater financial inclusion, building technology-driven communities of tomorrow, achieving ESG goals, and advancing public good.

You can read more about how BSV Blockchain is being used by governments and businesses around the world here.

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