Australia event showcases the reach of the BSV blockchain

Written by

Ryan Brothwell

Published On

23 Aug 2022

In July, the BSV Blockchain Association partnered with the Elas team for the inaugural Enterprise Blockchain Conference in Brisbane, Australia. The summit featured a variety of presentations from speakers involved with BSV blockchain and the surrounding ecosystem. 

The event, which boasted an impressive turnout, was split over two days. The first day featured several talks from the business, academic, and technology worlds to discuss use-cases and unique opportunities for BSV in Australia and its region. The second day featured a developers workshop which focused on more technical issues such as smart contracts. 

Below is a summary of the event and some of the major presentations: 

Welcoming speech and growing the creator economy with BSV

The conference began with a presentation by Brendan Lee and the Elas team welcoming all attendees and focusing on the company’s history. Elas is a blockchain-based software engineering company driven to solve real-world business problems for enterprises and governments.

This was followed by a presentation by Morgan Coleman on his company LaMint and how it is changing social networks and creators’ ability to monetise their work, LaMint allows users to monetise their content across multiple social media platforms using micropayments. In this way, the BSV blockchain can be used to earn across different apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Smart contracts and voting on the blockchain

The following presentations focused on both the business and regulatory use cases for the BSV blockchain – including discussions ranging from smart contracts to voting and governance on the blockchain.

James Belding, Co-Founder and CEO at Tokenized, highlighted the work being done by his firm and how it offers a full business suite for tokenising various business processes and issued assets. Belding added that the BSV blockchain works as the foundation for all commercial activities between parties, and can be used for everything from smart contracts between businesses, tracking IP licences, company interactions with governments and lawyers, and automated invoicing/payment functions. He added that the existing financial industry could gain a lot of stability by using BSV and that the industry is paying attention.

Eli Afram presented his company AnonSurvey, explaining the importance of transparency and auditability in elections—a topic that hasn’t been prominent in Australia historically but is gaining attention.

BSV as a tool for helping the environment

The next presentations focused on how the BSV blockchain can be used to help benefit and build programmes that are aligned with the environment.

Paul Chiari of Metastreme noted that the blockchain can be a key tool in tracking environmental, agricultural and industrial data. Chiari added that his decision to build on the platform was born out of a desire to eliminate waste.

This was echoed by Daniel Keane of Predict Ecology, whose company focuses on developing blockchain records for research purposes, with scientists able to track long-term environmental data in an easy-to-understand way because of the power of the blockchain.

The bright future of Bitcoin

The final set of presentations focused on the future of Bitcoin, both from the perspective of how the BSV blockchain can be used for exciting ventures going forward and more broadly, how the community is set to develop.

Michael Choi, CEO of Panda Angel, detailed his project MyFabula which allows users to take ownership of their story by recording it on the blockchain using different methods including video, audio or text and controlling when it gets published.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr Robert Lee, Chairman of the Australian Blockchain Metaverse Association, who talked about the future of the crypto-mining industry in Australia, including green energy and government regulation.

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