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Improved user experience

Enabling businesses to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to build on a stable protocol.

Simpler wallet infrastructure

Delivering capacity increases through scalable architecture and miner configurable block sizes.

Multiple outputs

Fostering best practice change management processes, external security audits and lucrative bug bounty programme.

Improved security against man-in-the-middle attacks

Unlocking the bricks-and-mortar merchant market and enabling new business models with micropayments and nanoservices.

HeaderSV Client

LiteClient is a block header client for the BSV blockchain that connects directly to the BSV network and can be used to independently verify block hashes and manage whitelists and blacklists internally without needing to download the entire chain. The application has a customisable minimum number of peer connections that it needs to connect to before synchronising any blocks.


A lightweight application that independently verifies block hashes with an in-memory block store maintaining a full block header history.


Can be deployed on the user’s premises via a convenient docker image or built from source.


Connects directly to the BSV network to synchronise block headers enabling businesses to only have the information they desire.

API | V1

Enables rapid lookups of chain and network state which allows for a workable block and transaction record for enterprises.


All LiteClient references at once place



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