BSV Blockchain Association to hold launch event at new Citadel office in India

Written by

Ryan Brothwell

Published On

30 Sep 2022

The BSV Blockchain Association is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a meetup to inaugurate the launch of its new Citadel office in India.

The event, which will take place on the evening of 16 October 2022, is an opportunity for enthusiasts, builders and businesses to meet, learn, discuss, and build together on the BSV blockchain. You can express your interest in attending over here.

The new Citadel office is free to use by those in the BSV ecosystem and will play host to regular meetings, open days and events. In addition to hosting meetups and events, the office will act as a co-working space for developers looking to build on BSV and defend the original Bitcoin as implemented by the BSV blockchain.

This forms part of a broader objective of connecting Indian BSV enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with the larger Indian blockchain community and growing its core base.

Growing demand for BSV 

The launch of the new Citadel office on the subcontinent also highlights the growing demand for BSV in India. The setup of the new office will be headed by three of the BSV Blockchain Association’s Indian ambassadors:

‘India in my opinion could provide the breakthrough that BSV is looking for in terms of mass adoption,’ said Karra.

‘In this regard, we early adopters and believers in this technology look forward to spreading the message and demonstrating the superpowers of the BSV blockchain to industry, government and academia. I expect to see the BSV Blockchain Association join us in creating a huge ecosystem of BSV developers, users and entrepreneurs in India.’

This was echoed by Priyadarshi who noted that the launch of a new Citadel office in India shows that the country is the land of opportunity when it comes to BSV adoption.

‘Our primary goal with this Citadel is to raise awareness of the BSV and encourage conversation about it on a par with other chains. The focus for the upcoming year will be an outreach to the academic, governmental, enterprise, entrepreneurial, and development communities,’ he said.
You can find out more about tickets and attending the event here.

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